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IMERI is established to respond emerging health issues in global society.  IMERI integrates multidisciplinary medical subjects and proposes the following value prepositions: cutting edge medical science & technology, academic ambience, excellence and society impact. IMERI is the first Indonesian’s institute of medical education and research with a vision of Leading disruptive innovation in medical education & research for better healthcare and quality of life.

IMERI interfaces cutting-edge high throughput science & technologies with pioneering education and research programs relevant to current medical needs in human diseases. Furthermore, IMERI will:

  • integrate with healthcare services aimed at developing novel approach;
  • differentiate itself through unique collaborations of highly competitive academic research and advanced medical sciences & technologies;
  • provide science and technology resources that will contribute to the emerging needs of medical research programs through an open access collaboration program;
  • implement community relations and outreach programs such as via medical museum and medical technology program;
  • organize conference, training and workshop for all stakeholders in medicine with a highly quality of academic ambience.

IMERI is expected to be self-supporting institution after three years of its launch, and will generate revenue from grant support, licensing, sponsored education & research agreements, laboratory services, and profit of conference, training and workshop. At the end, IMERI is hoped to financially support programs of FK-UI.

To achieve its vision, IMERI has three milestones:

  1. 2016-2017 : Organizational establishment
  2. 2018-2019 : Organizational enhancement
  3. 2020-2021 : Organizational performance acceleration

IMERI has the following performance projection in 2021:

  • A total research grant of more than Rp. 76 Billion
  • International Publication of about 700 articles per year
  • 50 Copyright (and paten) per year
  • 7 National policy
  • Service/product included: laboratory diagnostic, clinical research service, animal research service, healthy nutrition service, anti-virus, micro-capiller digital, clinical anatormy service and occupational health & environmental service.

About Conference

The 2nd Annual International Conference and Exhibition on Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (The 2nd ICE on IMERI 2017) “Personalized medicine:  From bench to community” Workshop:

  • National Research Biobank Workshop: “Strengthening the Research Biobank Network Through Capacity Building” (Read More)
  • Hydration Master Class
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Brainbank
  • Stem Cell Workshop: “Breakthrough on Stem Cell Treatment in Regenerative Medicine” (Read More)


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