Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives me a great pleasure welcoming you for the 3rd Annual International Conference and Exhibition on Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (ICE on IMERI) 2018. ICE on IMERI is one of the most important events dedicated to further enrich the field of medical research and education. The objective of the conference aimed to gather experts on global health from various countries to share experiences, develop knowledge, and find solution to overcome medical research and education problems. The 1st and 2nd ICE  on IMERI has been conducted successfully in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 2016 and 2017

The theme of 3rd ICE on IMERI is “Precision Medicine: Leading Medical Research to Changing Life Results”. The topics of 3rd ICE on IMERI consist of (1) Drug Development; (2) Sport and Exercise Studies; (3) Metabolic, Cardiovascular & Aging; (4) Human Nutrition; (5) Human Reproductive, Fertility and Family Planning; (6) Human Genetic; (7) Cancer; (8) Infectious Disease and Immunology; (9) Neuroscience and Brain Development; (10) Occupational & Environment Health; (11) Stem Cell; (12) Medical Technology; (13) Hypoxia & Oxidative Stress Study; (14) Hydration (15) Clinical Research (16) Molecular Biology (17) Animal Research; (18) Bioinformatics; (19) Medical Education.

The success of this conference will require the participation and support of all professions involved in the field, from academics to policy makers, researchers to clinicians, and also industries or other related professions. Therefore, as the Chairman, I would like to invite all prospective attendees for this occasion and look forward to the changes brought by this event. I really hope that this will be a memorable conference, both the scientific agendas and more offered by Jakarta.

Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute, committee of the conference, and our unique blend of traditional Indonesia are ready to welcome you to share your experiences.

Warm regards,

Dr. dr. Purwita Wijaya Laksmi, SpPD(K)

Chairperson The 3rd ICE on IMERI 2018

Prof. Dr. dr. Badriul hegar, Sp.A (K)

Director of IMERI-FKUI

Dr. dr. Budi Wiweko, SpOG(K), MPH

Vice Director of IMERI – FKUI